Magician of the Year Program


The purpose of the Magician of the Year competition is to foster a fuller level of participation in club activities and to provide incentives to improve one’s technical and presentational skills as a magician in a congenial venue that provides encouragement and constructive criticism.


The competition is based on a point system. That is, participation in various activities is the way participants accrue points. At the end of the program, the participant having the most points is honored as being MAGICIAN OF THE YEAR. The length of each yearly program is from January to November of the given year.


Attendance: For every meeting attended during the competition (10), the participant gets 1 point. Additional points can be gained by performing at a meeting.

Performance Rating: By secret ballot, members will determine by popular vote which performers were the three best in order of preference, labeling them 1st, 2nd or 3rd best. For purposes of tallying the vote, First Place is worth 3 points, Second Place 2 points and Third Place 1 point. The points are added to determine 1st, 2nd and 3rd for the evening. First Place is awarded 4 points, Second Place 3 points, Third Place 2 points and 1 point is given for the remaining performers.Performance should be limited to approximately 3 to 5 minutes. To earn points you must perform an effect following the theme of the meeting. The monthly themes are listed below and the current month's them will be posted on the home page.


We would like to thank the S.A.M Assembly 36 out of New Orleans for granting us the rights to use their magician of the year contest.


2018 Monthly Themes

January Open Case “Open Case” Perform an effect that you consider a good “opening” effect for your show. Close-up or Platform.
February True Love Perform your all-time favorite, go-to, can’t miss, “I love this trick” routine.
March Mental Miracles March “Mental Miracles” From predications to prophecies to paranormal, it’s all fair game as we enjoy a night of mentalism and mysteries.
April Magic Mayhem April "Magic Mayhem “ In celebration of April Fool’s Day, perform your favorite sucker trick
May Junk Drawer Diving May “Junk Drawer Diving” “Dig through your magic junk drawer and learn something that you own but never perform.
June No Set-up Required Either organic props found anywhere to “a shuffled deck in use”. One deck of cards is set out on the table and everyone is required to step up and use it immediately from whatever state the previous person left it in.
July Know When to Fold ‘Em Demonstrate any “gambling” themed effect - cards, poker chips, hustles, cheating demonstrations or swindles.
August Wild Card You choose the effect - anything you like - and members will be the judge. Originality and entertainment value will be the primary criteria evaluated.
September Back to School Tricks with pencils, papers, books, rulers or various objects found in the Walmart “Back to School” department.
October Routine Matters Magician will be required to perform 3 or more effects in a magical routine that has a common theme story-line. Continuity and flow should be prominent throughout. Double points month!!!
November Story-Time Alter your perception of what magic typically is, what magic can be, and what is possible in our art-form by telling a story supported by the visual effects of your choice
December Case Closed We’ve all experienced it! Someone shouts out, “Do one more”! What do you do? Show us and explain how you might get into the effect in a spontaneous or impromptu way. This is a mini-lecture and demonstration combined.